Marketing Insights Technology

How is Mondelez International using Expion’s Marketing Insights Dashboards?

Mondelez International has made a commitment to culture change and a new way of marketing in real-time across all of our brands. In order to get where we want to be in 2014 – fast, agile real-time marketing – we need data fast and the right data in the right hands. We are using the Expion dashboards for reports, alerts and real-time dashboards in the workflow in a way that actually is used in marketing actions. 

~ John Eaton, M-Pulse Engagement Lab, Mondelez International

Are you able to easily process, report and distribute integrated data to your entire company? Build your social command center with us. 

Expion’s Marketing Insights Technology allows companies to integrate multiple social activity streams in real-time, creating highly visual analytics to discover patterns, breakouts and trends. Expion’s software makes it easy to consume, digest, and optimize your marketing data.

Each week, across social networks, review sites and web domains there may be millions of conversations happening about your brand.  The true challenge, is alerting your brand marketers to the most relevant conversations by the most influential consumers.  Expion’s Marketing Insights Technology does just that.   Expion’s Alerts and Triggers instantly notify your team of key conversations, with a contextual snapshot of the dialog so employees can instantly engage in authentic conversation.

Expion delivers the most relevant data to your entire organization in simple, visual, infographic dashboards

For most companies, their entire organization’s data analysis is siloed into a signal department.  Expion’s Marketing Insights Technology alleviates this pain point by delivering distributed reporting by job role and elevates key data points to targeted employees with simple infographic style dashboards.  Expion provides a platform that allows everyone in the organization to better understand their customer’s voice to engage the consumer at the the right moment with an optimized message. 

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