Why Expion?

Why did Ignite Social Media choose to partner with Expion?

Expion has a full suite of opportunities no matter how my clients want to use it they are covered. They want to use multiple countries they are covered. They want to use multiple store locations, they are covered. That and Expion keeps up. When Google+ adds something they’re there. When Tumblr adds something they’re there. Between those things, I know I can trust the platform’s flexibility and can trust that Expion will keep up.

~ Jim Tobin, President Ignite Social Media


Global & Local Market Engagement

Manage global brands, local markets, and multi-location businesses often with thousands of social profiles. Centralize best practice sharing, customer conversations and analysis while maximizing brand oversight and collaboration.



Marketing Insights Technology

Integrate multiple social activity streams in real-time and create highly visual analytics reports. Discover patterns, breakouts, trends and uncover how your brand stacks up against competitors. Identify your most engaging content, influencers and insights to increase engagement and strengthen conversation.


Empower Employees & Fans

Social Advocator is a revolutionary way to distribute brand created content that is visually enticing and likely to be shared, while bypassing email clutter and social noise. Expand your reach and activate employees or consumers to share your brand’s message to their personal social profiles.