Why Expion Series: Barnes & Noble College Shares Why They Chose Expion for their SMMS

During the Expion Social Business SummitMission Possible, we asked our clients to share their thoughts on why they chose Expion as their social media management software partner. We highlight a client’s answer in this weekly blog series: Why Expion.

In this week client interview, we hear from Tamara Vostok, Consumer and New Media Marketing Manager, with Barnes & Noble College. Tamara shares how Barnes & Noble College uses Expion’s SMMS to manage and optimize national, regional, and local social media marketing efforts.

Question: Why did you decide to partner with Expion over other social software vendors?


Tamara Vostok from Expion – Social Software on Vimeo.

Tamara explains, “Choosing Expion as a partner was a very easy decision for Barnes & Noble College. We were looking for a partner that would enable us to help build strategy around the 700 bookstores we operate nationwide. Since students are highly digital and highly social, we needed a platform that would allow us to communicate with them in a way that resonates with them. Expion allows us to post status updates in mass so we can communicate to our 700 different locations. Also, the platform enables us to dynamically link so when we post a status update with a link to the most recent product (like jerseys) we sell in the bookstore, we can dynamically link to each and every one of the websites uniquely per bookstore. That Expion capability is something that other platforms don’t have the ability to do.”       

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