Social Apps


Support your social campaigns with Expion Social Applications.  Expion offers a suite of social apps for engagement, promotion, sweepstakes, couponing and advertising support.  Whether you’re looking to engage your current community, or expand to a new fan base, Expion has a social application to fit your strategy.

Expion social applications can be deployed instantly across hundreds of pages, and can be translated into over 60 different languages.  Schedule, track and monitor your social applications on the Application Dashboard for full control and analysis at the page level.

Application Gallery

Choose from a variety of applications for engagement, promotion, sweepstakes, couponing and advertising.

Flexible Design

Customizable pre-built templates provide you with your own unique designs without blowing out your budget.

Customizable Sharing

Customize your social sharing plugins with custom text and images for Facebook and Twitter.

Schedule & Launch

Schedule your application to deploy to hundreds of local, global or country pages in native language with custom images.

Create Unique Instances

Create hundreds of new instances of the application. Customize creative, share plugins, text, and images by country/location.

Global Local Deployment

Deploy your application to all location or country pages with unique instances applied instantly.

Key Software Features