• Servers and database are SAS 70 Level II compliant
  • System uses SSL Encryption and can be configured with isolated servers
  • Passwords are encrypted in database and force inclusion of numbers, characters, symbols, capital and lowercase, and set a minimum length with ability to reset password every 30 days  
  • Backup Procedures and Disaster Recovery includes all activity backed up daily and stored in a secure off-site location using redundant servers to minimize down time
  • System redundancy logic for multiple retries of posts, tweets, comments, or uploads of images/videos when an API failure occurs
  • Instant Error notification to Expion technical support when any connection failures to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube occur
  • Failure notification system to user when a post/tweet fails
  • System allows for multiple user logins per location  
  • System tracks each user’s interaction with application. System must create a log that is date/time stamped every time a user logs in and interacts with every screen in the application from creating/scheduling posts, uploading images/videos, and approving content.  
  • System has built in access role management that assigns user to specific locations as well discreet permissions to specific screens, functions, and actions.  
  • System has ability to restrict individual users to only access company business Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account and not their personal accounts.
  • Automated Employee Alerts System monitors employee activity and stores all conversations permanently, including deleted.
  • System date and time stamps each user’s log in and activity, permanently storing

Key Software Features