Social Governance & Configuration


Maintaining control over your business voice is a critical component for companies to confidently manage social media at full scale. Expion allows you to grant users access through without connecting any personal accounts to your business presence.  You determine, assign and grant permissions based upon a user or by a groups job role. A completely flexible system of rules and permissions empowers your business to extend social permissions to even hourly employees to maximize your efforts.

Access Controls

Assign specific roles and permissions for a group of users, assuring the proper access for everyone with easy edits capability.

Work Flow Assignment

Task and assign both content and fan conversations to other team members. Maximize efficiency with email alerts and completion notification.

Task Management

Manage all tasks and moderation assignments from a simple inbox/outbox format to simplify your work flow.

Notification System

Determine which employee or a non- employee who should be notified when posts or web conversations may impact your brand. These scans run every 10 minutes to keep you as close as possible to real time response.

User Role and Permission

Control and govern access by assigning every user to a specific access role. You may also restrict the user to certain geo’s for publishing and moderation.

User Interface Configuration

Drag and drop over 40 widgets to create custom home screen for each access role. Provide easy access to specific modules to maximize time and training.

Key Software Features