Social Expion Mobile App

How are you using Expion’s social media mobile application to empower your local employees?

The Rose Group is using Expion’s mobile app to moderate and engage our guests on the fly. Expion enables us to react much more quickly than say spending an hour back in the office planning our social media for the next month. It helps us be more efficient with our time and the mobile app helps us engage with our guests when they want, not when we slot time to check it in the back office. It’s a good mix of using the mobile app to engage and the content planning module to look ahead.

~ Jeffrey Browne, Marketing Manager, The Rose Group


Expion’s simplified mobile application makes managing social channels secure and easy on the go.  With any Android or iOS enabled mobile devices you can manage your pages anytime.  You also have a quick way to snap a photo in real time and post it out to one or multiple accounts with just a few clicks. 

Multi-Location and Multi-Brand Management

Instantly publish and moderate a message or tweet on one account or across thousands of locations on Facebook or Twitter.

Mobile Moderation

Like, retweet, respond, etc. to fans. Aggregate all messages across your social channels from one screen.

Upload and Share Photos

Instantly capture images with your mobile devices camera. Share photos and videos to thousands of pages or upload for approval.

Governance Controls

Set user permissions so employee content must be approved prior to publishing for both text and photos.

Key Software Features