Content Planning


Producing social content requires tremendous collaboration among a team of experienced professionals often spanning offices and geographic regions. Expion provides a comprehensive solution that allows for multiple editors and approvers to work together in a streamline workflow to create and schedule content.  Our drag and drop calendar, built in language translator, 3rd party tracking integration, and user restricted access for geography can meet the needs of brands with complex needs.

Content Calendar

Schedule, plan and publish posts and tweets directly on a twelve-month calendar view. Drop and drag functionality allows for quick work.

Quick PDF Export

Easily export content with multimedia attachments for quick access and corporate review.

Language Translation

Simple and instantaneous translation of local market messages submitted for review, edits and approval across 60+ languages and geo- targets.

Global Management

Bulk action on the content submitted for geo-restricted posts to pages from one single view across all users.

Review and Workflow

Assign content to other users for edits, approval or scheduling based upon their user roles and page assignments.

Content Library Suggestions

Suggested Post ideas can easily be shared internally to thousands of local users with a suggested schedule time and date or the ability to lock editing.

Key Software Features