Social Campaign Management


Campaign management allows an entire grouping of messages to be loaded and revealed on a specific date to local users.  Imagine you are a retailer with a new product launch: you want to keep that launch a secret but still want your local stores involved with posting and promoting when the time is right.

Create your campaign in advance and on the reveal date the entire calendar of posts will be populated, as opt-in or mandatory posts for your locations.  This flexible feature is ideal for franchises with stores that want campaign publishing support and other stores who desire an opt-in solution. This feature can also release specific albums of images to coordinate with the product launch.  It’s all about planning and timing to effectively integrate social media into your overall campaign.

Integrated Media Management

Your Expion calendar allows global view of Facebook ads, Apps and scheduled content showing a fully integrated view of paid, earned and owned media.

Pre-stage Content Reveal

Easily stage groups of content to reveal at a specific time and date across other users publishing calendar.

Location Management

Deliver campaign content in an opt-in or mandatory publishing statuses across each locations page.

Facebook Sponsored Stories

Automated Sponsored Stories creation, targeting and spend is made easy across multiple pages linked into a specific campaign in just a few clicks.


Shorten links and track post-level performance and clicks at the message level in a campaign with Expi.co.

Cross Channel Integration

Easily create Facebook posts and Tweets to drive users to social applications during a campaign.

Key Software Features