Content Marketing Optimization Platform

Our centralized platform enables marketers to manage, optimize and distribute social content at scale to drive engagement and sales in a real-time world. Expion’s scalable enterprise-grade software allows you to listen, plan content, publish, moderate, analyze, govern and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and other social channels across thousands of users. With unmatched competitive and brand insights, Expion provides a proven way to understand, manage, control and grow your brand’s social media presence.


Why did Univision decide to partner with Expion?

Over the past 18 months, our social activity has exploded. The demographics of our market has exploded in mobile and social. We need to be as sophisticated as possible in terms of figuring out what strategy we move forward with for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Vine. To do that, we need to have data and the strategy has to be grounded in that data. When we reviewed Expion and their competitors, there really was no comparison in terms of the depth of data and insights that we could get from Expion all bundled together and be able to immediately act on that information and publish.

~ David Beck, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Social Media, Univision


Expion Content Marketing Optimization Modules

Content Planning

Producing social content requires tremendous collaboration among a team of experienced professionals often spanning offices and geographic regions. Expion provides a comprehensive solution that allows for multiple editors and approvers to work together in a streamline workflow to create and schedule content. Our drag and drop calendar, built in language translator, 3rd party tracking integration, and geo-restricted user access meets the complex needs of brands.



Streamlining moderation across multiple channels and brands requires an interface that can be customized. Expion can aggregate conversations into one or multiple streams. Users can filter by brand, channel, geography, influencers, sentiment, post engagement, and more. Our complete solution of custom workgroups, connections to 3rd party service platforms, built in language translation, bulk assignment, custom alerts, and group moderation simplifies today’s high volume.


Social Asset Management

Companies are creating content and surfacing user generated content on multiple social networks, websites, forums and blogs. The challenge of managing social assets, ever-changing social channels and owned media platforms is streamlined with Expion’s central content library. It enables enterprise-wide collaboration by allowing the best performing content to be easily re-purposed and shared across brands and local markets.


Marketing Insights Technology 

Expion’s Marketing Insights Technology allows companies, in real-time, to integrate multiple social activity streams to create highly visual analytics and discover patterns, breakouts and trends. Dashboards can be deployed as real-time social engagement command centers that will automate distributed reports via PDF to be delivered enterprise wide. With this comparative data, brands can benchmark content and social reach against their competitors.


Web Listening

Expion’s Web Listening software will manage your brand’s reputation across millions of conversations on social networks, review sites and web domains worldwide. Respond to negative customer comments quickly with direct links back to the native messages. Glean intelligence from your brand reputation data, benchmark it against your competitors and enhance your overall brand reputation.


Social Advocator

Social Advocator is a revolutionary way to distribute refreshing, visually enticing content without email or social clutter. Through Expion’s mobile application, brands extend their marketing reach to consumers by distributing content to employees and loyal customers. They can share approved content across their personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allowing you to track the most shared content and identify top sharing users.