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Enterprise social marketing is complex. Expion makes it simple.

Managing social relationships in today’s real-time world is tough.
Expion delivers the right balance of agility, creative inspiration,
and governance to make the complex simple.

Social Management

Expion delivers content discovery, planning, publishing, moderation, and analytics in a single, easy-to-navigate screen. It’s a platform that can manage social enterprises, no matter how large or complex.

Content Marketing

What content’s working? What’s flopping? Who’s talking? Who’s not talking? Our completely customizable interface gets you the details on what people are saying before and after you publish content for both paid and organic. Double down on paid promotion for your best-performing content and get rid of the worst. Expion serves it up as it’s happening.

Marketing Analytics

What good is data if you can’t tell a story? Forget crunching numbers and running reports – Expion makes it easy to discover patterns, breakouts and trends instantly and in real time.