Streamlining moderation across multiple channels and brands requires an interface that can be customized. Expion can aggregate conversations into one or multiple streams. Users can filter by brand, channel, geography, influencers, sentiment, post engagement, and more. Our complete solution of custom workgroups, connections to 3rd party service platforms, built in language translation, bulk assignment, custom alerts, and group moderation simplifies today’s high volume.

Why did you choose to use Expion for moderation?

Expion allows us to scale in a way that we otherwise couldn’t because we can identify where things are happening and when. It aggregates a great deal of activity across a number of channels in one place so that one set of eyes and one scan can capture all of that at the same time.

~ Matthew Staub, Social Media Strategist, H&R Block

Moderation Key Features

Multi-user views

Aggregate single stream vs multi-column streams, native, gallery, and grid view.

Advanced filtering

Advanced filtering by top posts, top users, keywords, engagement, and country.

Fan profiling

Quick hover allows Expion users to view a fans message history and tag for sentiment.

Escalation and task assignment

Bulk assign fan messages to Expion users or 3rd party customer care platforms.

Group moderation

Aggregate fan comments and posts across hundreds of pages in one single view for quick response. Lock response to one user allowing a group to moderate many posts ensuring a one to one response.

SLA response tracking

Users are tracked by activity on the group or individual level. Users can also be geo-restricted to the fan messages and company posts they receive.