Expion is the only Social Software Platform that Agencies need.

We are a technology company that Agencies use to efficiently manage their client’s social media. With the most comprehensive workflow management system in the industry, and a flexible interface that can be customized to each user, Expion is designed so each employee can get directly to their work in one click with no user help system. Expion is a highly scalable solution with complete governance, security and compliance that enables collaboration and sharing across the enterprise to maximize efficiency between the Agency and the Brand. 



  • Managing multiple clients and communities is time consuming
  • Client/Agency workflow needs integration and is difficult
  • Benchmarking Competitors is resource intensive
  • Global clients  want one complete platform and database

Our Solution:

  • Standardized Platform with Community Management
  • Collaborative Client/Agency content workflow
  • Track any brand in real time from one dashboard
  • Managing hundreds  of pages in 60+ languages

Benefits and Features

Director Digital

  • Integrated platform that can handle all of your brands and their accompanying pages
  • Automatically generate analytics for detailed reporting on social activity of client & competitors pages)
  • Maintain a permanent record of all content for re-use in future marketing campaigns
  • Defined roles and workflow to support client and agency collaboration
  • Access and monitor the Customer Relationships of your Client’s competitors using real time market intelligence

Social Media Managers

  • Organizes social media by supporting a team  structure for content and community management
  • Maintain corporate guardrails  using keyword monitoring and photo/video approval
  • Target, schedule and track effectiveness of social media campaigns and promotions
  • Benchmark your brand and your competitors to improve your customer engagement
  • Tap and harness the interconnected social media expertise inside and outside of headquarters
  • Customized dashboards with extensive analytics to measure over 20  metrics by your brand and locations

Community Managers

  • Automation increases your productivity
  • Real time alerts improve response time and increase customer engagement
  • Showcase community-level success stories to highlight local heroes
  • Scheduling, alerts, and pre-packaged content allow you to amplify your efforts across your brand and all locations
  • Extensive analytics to find most recent comments, engaging posts, influential fans, etc.