Expion First to Market with Geo-Targeted Wall Photos through Facebook’s API

Expion First to Market with Geo-Targeted Wall Photos through Facebook’s API



Many brands use photos as a key engagement driver with fans on Facebook.  However, for brands managing complex social content planning or diverse regional campaigns the use of geo-targeted wall photos had not been possible if they published through a third party software tool.


Expion is the first Social Media Management System (SMMS) firm to offer this critical feature on our platform. It allows global brands functionality to plan, publish and manage their social media with full flexibility at scale to support all their local markets.


What does this mean for multi-location and multi-product companies?

Brands such as Old Navy have local market specified event images that need to be targeted to fans in different parts of the United States and Canada. We are talking several different geo-targeted photos tied to the same core content post. “We are a fun brand, and we like to bring that fun into the communities where our stores are located. We hold many local events every year, and scheduling geo-targeted Facebook posts about these events has been key to getting the word out about our funtivities,” says Samantha Willems, Brand Marketing Manager, at Old Navy.

Geo-targeting is just as critical to businesses who drive messages on Facebook around specific Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) or regional offers. AMC Theatres relies on geo-targeting to drive movie ticket sales for specific DMAs. Justin Gardner, Social Media Manager, at AMC explains, “An image about The Avengers opening night needs to reach only the fans who can watch the film that night. We have to ensure we’re not sharing the wrong message and upsetting fans.”

The recent acceptance of Expion into Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program has accelerated the focus towards integrating new features available in the Facebook Graph API as soon as possible to support our clients and offer cutting edge functionality.

So, what’s your take on geo-targeted wall photos?